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Eartec ROW-COM - Simultalk 24SLT 2-User + Crew Speaker Rowing Crew Communication System INCLUDES 1 Master, 1 Remote, 1 Crew Speaker
MSRP: $465.00  Your Price: $456.00  
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Model: Eartec ROW-COM  

Eartec ROW-COM - Simultalk 24SLT 2-User + Crew Speaker Rowing Crew Communication System INCLUDES 1 Master, 1 Remote, 1 Crew Speaker

   Intercom    Handheld    2.4GHZ    2-Users

Product Specifications:

ROW-COM 24G Wireless Speaker System

  • Communicate wirelessly with your crew
  • ROW-COM 24G Wireless Speaker System is a hands-free full duplex system that make coxswains, crews, and coaches communication efficient and easy
  • For the coxswain and coach, two low profile, lightweight Cyber headsets are provided
  • In this multi-station configuration the coxswain using the Master radio has a two-way conversation w/the coach radio. The crew, however, can only hear the coxwain, as the coaches transmissions to the coxswain are private
  • The base ROW-COM 24G Wireless Speaker System can be expanded to accommodate larger crews as well by adding an additional crew speaker
  • Range - 150 yards
  • Talk/Standby switch

  • Eartec Simultalk 24G Series

    Communicates from Master to Remote OR Remotes to Master. No Remote to Remote communications will work

    System allows unlimited Remote units (Receive Only)

    The Simultalk 24G is the latest full duplex transceiver manufactured by Eartec specifically for people that require hands free, short range communications. Simultalk 24G radios send and receive messages on different frequencies allowing users to communicate at the same time. This particular transceiver is a breakthrough because it operates in the 2.4GHz "non-licensed" frequency band and can be user anywhere in the world.

    The Simultalk 24G are field programmable and feature "dip switch" selectable frequency combinations (if changing the frequency is desired)

    Range - Varies up to approx. 24 yard or 72 feet.

    The Simultalk 24G is a breakthrough wireless system that allows users to carry out a normal conversation. This system IS NOT Vox (Voice Activated) and there are no buttons to push. To operate, turn the radios ON and clip them to your waist, jacket, or shirt pocket then simply speak through the headset microphones. The resulting two-way, full duplex talking pattern provides hand free, instantaneous voice communications.

  • Full Duplex Transceiver
  • Designed for hands free, short range communication
  • Simultalk 24G radios send and receive on different frequencies allowing users to communicate at the same time
  • Volume control
  • Talk/Standby Switch
  • Molded belt clip
  • Stubby Antenna
  • Lightweight, weighs only 4.5 oz.
  • No FCC license required
  • Remote users only communicate with the master radio. You can have several remote users all listening to master radio. The remote users cannot talk with each other with the Simultalk series
  • This is a DUPLEX system - A duplex communication system is a system composed of two connected parties or devices that can communicate with one another in both directions. (The term multiplexing is used when describing communication between more than two parties or devices.)

    In the box:

  • Qty 1 Crew Speaker w/Mounting Velcro & Remote Transceiver
  • Qty 1 Coxswain Master Radio w/Cyber headset
  • Qty 1 Coach Remote Radio w/Cyber headset
  • Batteries and chargers

  • xEartec3.5mmRA2-Ring - 3.5mm Right Angle w/2-Rings Connector Compatibility

    Style: 3.5mm RA 2-Ring
  • Eartec - Simultalk 24G, TD900

  • ROW-COM, ROWCOM, boat, boat radios, crew, rowing

    1/3/2011 11:07:11 AM


Product Weight: 
2 (lbs)
Product Dim: 
0 x 0 x 0 (Inches)
Ship Weight: 
2 (lbs)
Ship Dim: 
12 x 12 x 8 (Inches)
Country of Origin: 




MSRP: $465.00  Your Price: $456.00  

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