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Uniden BCT8 - 250 Channel Analog Scanner w/TrunkTracker III, w/NOAA
Parts Only - See Below
 (Parts & Accessories Shown Below)
Replacement scanner is Uniden BCT15X
Availability: Parts Only
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Model: Uniden BCT-8  
* Parts Only. Click here to see Parts and Accessories.

Uniden BCT8 - 250 Channel Analog Scanner w/TrunkTracker III, w/NOAA

   Scanner    Mobile    Police    Analog    Trunk Tracker III    NOAA WX Band

Product Specifications:

  • Highway Patrol Alert Responds with both a visual and audible warning alert.
  • 250 Channels With 250 user-programmable channels, so you can listen in on all of your favorite frequencies.
  • Frequency Guide Includes a free Betty Bearcat starter frequency guide for USA and Canada.
  • Band Search Scan through specified bands for locating new active frequencies.
  • Full Frequency LCD Shows the frequencies being scanned as well as what type of service you are monitoring.
  • Local/County Police Scans the preprogrammed local and county police frequencies in your area.
  • AC/DC Operation Includes a DC Power cord and mobile antenna plus an AC adapter and telescopic antenna for base use.
  • CB Monitor & Weather Scans all 40 Citizens Band channels as well as your local NOAA weather channels.
  • Highway Patrol Scans the preprogrammed highway patrol frequencies in your state.
  • DOT, NEWS, FIRE, & EMS Scans selectable preprogrammed frequencies by state for Department of Transportation, news, fire and EMS services.
  • 13 Bands With 800 Mhz Covers 800Mhz, public service, "Ham" radio, aircraft plus federal and military land mobile frequencies.
  • Install Dimensions: 2.44"H x 7.06"W x 6.10"Deep
  • 1 Yr Manufacturers Warranty

  • In the box:

  • DC Power cord
  • Mobile Mounting Kit
  • AC Adapter
  • Telescope Antenna for Base Use
  • User Manual

  • BCT-8, BC-T8,



    Product Weight: 
    3 (lbs)
    Product Dim: 
    7 x 6.1 x 2.5 (Inches)
    Ship Weight: 
    4.7 (lbs)
    Ship Dim: 
    13 x 9 x 4 (Inches)
    Country of Origin: 




    MSRP: $199.99  Your Price: $165.99 Parts Only - See Below

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    Uniden   BC246T
     •  Scanner  •  Handheld  •  Nascar  •  Analog

    Uniden BC246T 1600-Channel Handheld Scanner w/Close Call RF Capture Technology & TrunkTracker III
    Parts Only  
     PID #: 354
    Midland   21-404C
     •  CB Radio  •  Speaker

    Midland 21-404C - External Speaker - Excellent for CBs, Marine Radios and Scanners w/3.5 Mono Jack
    In Stock   Ready To Ship!
     PID #: 1022
    Midland   21-406
     •  CB Radio  •  Speaker

    Midland 21-406 - External Speaker - Excellent for CBs, Marine Radios and Scanners w/3.5 Mono Jack
    In Stock   Ready To Ship!
     PID #: 1023
    Accessories Unlimited   AUSCAN3
     •  Scanner  •  Antenna

    Accessories Unlimited AUSCAN3 - 16in Universal Scanner Antenna w/Magnetic Mount, w/10Ft Coax, w/BNC Connector
    In Stock   Ready To Ship!
     PID #: 447
    ProComm   Coax-BNC-100
     •  Scanner  •  Antenna

    Coax - Scanner - BNC Ends Fit Most Scanners - 100 Feet w/ 1 Male Connector & 1 Female BNC Connector
    In Stock   Ready To Ship!
     PID #: 1028
    ParaDynamics   PDC63
     •  Scanner  •  Antenna

    ParaDynamics PDC63 - Scanner AM/FM Car Antenna to Scanner Antenna Adapter
     PID #: 1522
    Limited Stock Available - Qty 7 Remain - When gone, product no longer available!
    Uniden   BADG0687001
     •  Scanner  •  Charger

    Uniden BADG0687001 - DC Charging Cord for Scanners
    In Stock   Ready To Ship!
     PID #: 984
    Uniden   MB008
     •  Scanner  •  Mount

    Uniden MB008 Replacement Mounting Bracket For BCT8
    In Stock   Ready To Ship!
     PID #: 2256
    Midland   21-200
     •  Universal

    Mount - Universal - Midland 21-200 Universal Radio Mount - Excellent for CB's, GPS, Marine Radios, Scanners
    In Stock   Ready To Ship!
     PID #: 1027
    Cobra   CPI1850
     •  Universal  •  Inverter

    Inverters - Cobra CPI1850 - DC to AC Power w/Dual outlet
    In Stock   Ready To Ship!
     PID #: 1021
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